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Family enjoying the villa in Milos

Our Story

Our grand parents Pavlo and Sophia were born in Mozambique (in those times a Portuguese colony on the coast of East Africa). They were both children of Greek migrants who had arrived there in the 1890’s from Milos and Kasos respectively. After Pavlo and Sophia were married, Pavlo inherited a farm from his father where he cultivated fresh produce for many years.


They named the farm and their home ‘Boa Esperança’ meaning ‘good hope’ in Portuguese. In 1974 Pavlo and Sophia were forced to leave their beloved home and farm in Mozambique and moved to Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe). Despite living away and having faced many challenges, they preserved their Greek heritage and passed down traditions to their children. Together with their family, they spent wonderful summer holidays on their ancestral island of Milos. Finally able to purchase land, they built their home which became a gathering place for generations of family, sharing cherished memories. Once again they named their home “Boa Esperança”.


Whether it’s a peaceful retreat or relaxing ambiance for moments to reconnect with loved ones, our Villa “Boa Esperança” provides a revitalising energy to renew the senses while creating lasting memories.

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